Site Improvement Project

Project Overview

Project Objective: The plan seeks to address severe drainage, safety and accessibility issues while enhancing the overall aesthetic of the property.

Key Project Elements:

  • Block Paver Patio – create a patio for programming and staff use.
  • Re-grading and Sod – create smooth, even lawn for outdoor classes and events.
  • Plantings Along Westerly Property Line – demark with modest plantings to discourage patrons from going on adjacent property.
  • Relocation of Shed and Arbor (Eagle Scout Project) – conform with current zoning requirements.
  • Parking – formalize to create more organized and official. Currently, no curbs, so patrons create their own parking along the pavement’s edge. This has caused property lines and street pavement to erode and created safety and accessibility concerns.
  • Block Paver Sidewalks – currently walk on grass or roadway and existing brick walkways are in deterioration. Formal walking surfaces will dramatically improve accessibility to the Library for all patrons and help to meet the minimum facility standards for all NY State Public and Association Libraries as established by NYS.
  • Lighting – install decorative light poles and fixtures along walkways to address safety concerns. 2 poles on Beaver Dam, 3 on Library, all dark sky compliant, turned off via timer within 30 minutes of closing, 6-foot poles.
  • Stormwater Drainage – Severe flooding at the corner of Beaver Dam and Library. Significant water pooling on walkways and in between property edge and pavement. Drainage structures and bio-retention areas are intended to help alleviate this flooding.

Project Funding: Capital Reserves; recommendation by SCLS for $220,000 NYS Construction Grant; total estimated project costs of $550,000.

Project Timeline: Completion time approx. 3 weeks (with additional time for plantings).

Site Plans and Renderings

2019-02-26 Conceptional Design Plans 2022-02-15 Site Renderings 2022-08-12 Site Renderings
2020-04-16 Site Plan 2022-03-03 Site Plan 2022-08-23 Site Plan
2020-08-11 Site Plan 2022-03-10 Site Renderings 2022-08-24 Renderings
2021-03 Rendered Plan 2022-03-30 Site Plan 2022-08-24 Site Plan
2021-07 Site Plan 2022-05-05 Site Plan
2021-09 Rendered Plan 2022-05-10 Site Renderings
2021-09-13 Site Plan 2022-07-10 Site Rendering

Examples of Property Issues